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Keep things local. Why risk shipping your precious treasures?

Why save your video memories with us now?


Your videos will not be available for future generations if you don't act now!


Our video transfers are local, so you don't have to send them in the mail and we'll keep them safe!


You won't have any place to play them as VCR's and camcorders are getting obsolete. And they may break or wear out!


Keeping your precious memories safe for generations to come is worth it!

Specializing in VHS to DVD and VHS to digital.

Save your Memories

Do you have precious memories preserved in an outdated format? Do you have tapes that you are unable to watch, or are falling apart? We can take your old tapes and transfer them into video files, or dvd’s. Let us help you preserve your memories for a lifetime. Please contact us for more information, or a free estimate.

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1

Drop off or send in your memories (tapes, DVDs, etc)

Step 2

We safely copy and transfer them for you

Step 3

Pick them up or we send them back to you
When you bring your video memories to B&G Productions, we will keep them in-house and safe.  They will not be shipped elsewhere.  We will discuss the options of transferring your videos to DVD and/or converting them to digital video files.  Both are great ways to preserve those special memories and view them easily.
Prices starting at $15. Contact us today!
“Always so great to work with and has made it so easy to keep up with my family video archiving needs!” -Michaela

Instantly Increase Your Impact using Video!

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We have remained a small company, because we believe that personal relationship is still the best way to do business.  If that sounds good to you, send us an email, or call (515) 232-5358.


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