Business Video Production

Creating short professional videos that make people believe in you!

Do you need a great video for your business website or social media?

Do you want more professional looking testimonials?

 “We’ve been creating videos for websites for almost 30 years!” 

Powerful website video production and testimonial videos.

Testimonials that you Shoot and we edit

Videos for your website and social media

Testimonial Videos You Do Yourself. 

We guide you and add the professional touch

Starting at $299

Step 1

You video your client on a cell phone.  We guide you with questions and approach to use.

Step 2

When finished, you simply send the video file to us using our dropbox.

Step 3

We’ll enhance it with graphics and animation and add that professional touch!

Vero Chiropractic: Jolene’s Story

Vero Chiropractic: Jessica’s Story

“Creating a great video testimonial isn’t easy—it takes a greater investment of time and effort than many other digital marketing methods. But a well-made video testimonial can be one of the most valuable pieces of content that you’ll create.”


Let us do your business video production.

Step 1

We plan your website video together, listening to your vision and goals.

Step 2

B&G professionally shoots all the pieces of your website video.

Step 3

Then, we complete the full production with graphics and animation.

Victory Day

Eggs for All Ages

Instantly Increase Your Impact using Video!

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We have remained a small company, because we believe that personal relationship is still the best way to do business.  If that sounds good to you, send us an email, or call (515) 232-5358.


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